Anna Faoagali

Why Traditional Mediation Doesn’t Work in Workplaces

The NMAS (National Mediation Accreditation Standards) mediation model is limited in its application when it comes to workplace mediation for two reasons. The model presupposes that the parties will not have a relationship post mediation and secondly, the parties (employees) are not the client (employer) which impacts on the confidentiality provisions. What does this mean in reality? It means that you need to adapt the model, and refine the skills of the mediator because the intention of most workplace mediations is to explore whether the relationship can be repaired, and develop post mediation infrastructure to support both the parties and the employer meet their agreements (employees) and comply with their internal and external obligations (employer). That’s why we are experts in workplace mediations because we understand this and our mediators have specific skills and use a consistent model to get employees back on track. Anna Faoagali, Principal, Evolve Workplaces.

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