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Template Policy to Manage Bullying

An employee speaks out.

It is not enough to have clear standards of behaviour (through a code of conduct or a workplace policy) that outlines what is and is not appropriate behaviour and what action will be taken to deal with unacceptable behaviour, you must train your staff in the policy frequently (at least annually) and enforce it where the standards have been breached, and keep it updated.
If you haven’t heard about Safe Work Australia is worth taking a look at its website. Its intention is to provide national guidelines about workplace health and safety. Amongst other useful information it has a whole range of templates and information for employers and employees that will provide you with information to assist with workplace conflict and about what to do if you feel bullied at the workplace and what to do about it. Check these links out for more information.
Dealing with Workplace Bullying – A workers Guide

Guide for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying

Anna Faoagali, Workplace Mediator, Investigator, Trainer, Principal Evolve Workplaces

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