Workplace Mediations & Investigations

Our services include; workplace mediations, workplace investigations, workplace assessments, & building internal capacity to develop individual micro-skills to manage complaints and conflict through online coaching, webinars and training.

Workplace Mediations

Our workplace mediations assist employees resolve any outstanding issues and make commitments about how they intend to work together into the future...

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Workplace investigations are conducted where an employer gets a complaint about an employee where if the allegations were substantiated would breach...

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Workplace Assessments are non-punitive. That is, they are a non-disciplinary informal intervention designed to locate the source of the issue, identify risks to...

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Training Courses

We have designed online modules that will give you opportunities to become masterful at communication, managing conflict and building... constructive workplace relationships.

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Contact Person

Evolve Workplaces can provide an external contact person for staff. The external person can listen to staff concerns and provide process advice on what options they have...

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