Anna Faoagali

Millennials and Mediation

Millennials (or Gen Y’s) are born somewhere between 1980 – 1994 (ages 22 – 36 approximately). They have been described as ‘infatuated with themselves’, ‘less likely to seek a job but rather create jobs for themselves’, ‘are experts at technology and harnessing social media’ ( And although it is not recommended to stereotype there are definitely features of generational upbringing that impact skills and knowledge. When mediating between generations there are features that definitely distinguish the types of issues that we work with;

  • social media complaints
  • use of resources (phones, ipads, computers) both personal and company owned
  • the merging of personal and public behaviour, privacy and the consequences on your career
  • retaining expertise and intellectual property in highly mobile and ‘google’ trained workforce
  • lower dependence on keeping the job for survival as millennials tend to live with their parents for longe

When mediating with millennials you need to not only have clear policies, train staff frequently, so that policies are not only understood but embedded in their behaviour, you also need to understand their underlying drivers, because it’s less likely to be job security but something more meaningful, flexible, adaptable and aligned with what’s important for their futures.

Anna Faoagali, Mediator, Principal Evolve Workplaces

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