We have designed online modules that will give you opportunities to become masterful at communication, managing conflict and building constructive workplace relationships. You might often see these tools in action by your mediator or trainer.

Events and Courses

Workplace Mediation (an introduction)

Thursday 8 December 2016 (9.30 - 12.30) BRISBANE

Learn how to facilitate a workplace discussion (or mediation). This is a 1/2 day course led by our Principal, Anna Faoagali and will introduce you to a basic framework. It is designed for Managers and..

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Managing Misconduct and Other Employee Complaints

Thursday 8 December 2016 (1.30 - 4.00)

Learn an introduction into how to investigate into complaints made by employees about other employees. This is a 1/2 day course led by our Principal, Anna Faoagali and is designed to introduce you to ..

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Post Intervention Infrastructure

Ideally you don't want to have to continue to pay expensive fees for external consultants. We have developed a series of affordable online opportunities to develop your skills. Every three weeks a new one will be released and these are priced so that individuals who want to work on their communication and relationship skills can access them without breaking the bank. Each course is stand alone and will introduce three areas including; knowledge, practical example, and a skill. They are fun and interactive using humour and gifs, a video and practical examples and will take you between 15 - 20 mins. Please email us feedback. We already have had some 'we want more' and 'these are great'. So enjoy and have fun with these. Click on the resource that suits you.

1.1 Improve Workplace Relationships

This ebook will outline the factors that influence your capacity to communicate and build relationships at work. It covers how important it is to analyse the problem with the use of practical case studies.

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1.2 Manage Workplace Conflict

Find out how to support complaining staff and whether or not you need to intervene, and how.  There are also some great links to resources so that you can adapt to your specific business needs.

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