Anna Faoagali

Bullying and Mediation

All parties could have saved a lot of time, their health,  money and perhaps even their workplace relationship if they had done what the President ordered in the first place.  Deputy President Gostencnik found that a Catholic school principal at St Aloysius College in North Melbourne has bullied a teacher when he found that four incidents complained of constituted repeated unreasonable behaviour, which was likely to have caused the teacher distress and presented a real risk to her mental health.  He encouraged the parties to engage with each other in a series of mediated meetings to help repair the “obviously damaged working relationship”.  The deputy president said he would consider implementing orders should either the teacher or principal refuse to participate in workplace mediation.  Ms Susan Purcell v Ms Mary Farah and Mercy Education Ltd T/A St Aloysius College [2016] FWC 2308 (11 July 2016).  Anna Faoagali, Principal, Evolve Workplaces.

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